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..I made it to 21 ..and I’m happy….I’m still craving…but I feel soooo much better

So I have decided to keep going…I’m going to rethink the ‘whole food’ thing (pun  intended)

I’m going to try and continue eating foods with no preservatives and I’ve made a plan

..this week I’m going to re-introduce:- Baked Potato, natural yogurt, hard cheese, apples…

I have to say my crohns has been a lot better during the detox and for that reason alone I have to keep going.

1962 Sandra Blue dress

This picture is for everyone who thinks I haven’t changed much over the years (you are kind but need to get eyes checked!!) xx



….taking steps….forward

Its day 17….technically only 4 days left of the 21 Day Sugar Detox..

I am making a plan of what’s next…..

1981 10b Sandra pose 2

I know I can’t go back and be this women!!! She was 21,engaged to be married, weighing in at 8 st 7lbs (oh heck that’s what my thighs weigh now!!)….this women didn’t know what it’s like to be married to her best friend for 33 years, hadn’t found her Faith…hadn’t moved to America

1994 a Group shot Nov

..this women knew the joy of 5 children…knew that God answered prayers..

2001 5k all 7 at Marti's

…this women wasn’t on ‘the hill’…she was on her way back to England2001 6b the Family at Laredo airport


..10 years on ‘the hill’…still smiling

2014 1 18 Jan sandra

…this women still smiles but you can see it in her eyes…


so you can see where I’m at…Planning for the next steps after Day 21…





…taking steps…to a healthier me

…as I type this I can’t quite believe I have made it to day 12!!..


It’s been an interesting few days and I can’t lie …it hasn’t been easy.. but has been made so much better by the support and encouragement I have had

  • AMY…where would I be without you, on Monday I didn’t have food on ‘the hill’ that I could eat, there was couscous and cookies ….I was SOOOOO crazy hungry that when I looked across the street at the chickens running around (there’s allotments with a chicken coop) I started to wonder about the possibilities!! Amy rang and asked if she could bring anything …OH YES YOU CAN….DSCN1633[1]she arrived with cooked chicken and an amazing ‘protein pot’ from M&S…..It was just in time because Claire was getting nervous at me eyeing up those chickens!! I devoured the lot in under 10 minutes…did I mention that I have been experiencing cravings like you wouldn’t believe.
  • One of the most thoughtful gifts was delivered to my front door by Moira and Lewis……I love you both for this and your encouragement
so many goodies to keep me going and bubble bath and candles to chill and how cute is this card x
  • One of the things I have really been over the moon with is that I have still managed a date out with David and received the best service even though I asked for things not on the menu ….we went to The Marquis of Granby
I asked for hot water with lemon and the waitress bought a teapot of hot water and cup and saucer with slice of lemon (simple I know but made me feel good) DSCN1643[1]
then I asked for grilled chicken and salad with no dressing or sauces
you might be thinking NO BIGGIE…but for me eating out with my one and only was a BIGGIE for me.. and
can I just say in case you were going to report me to ‘Cruelty to husbands’  David tucked into a 12″ pizza and 2 pints of real ale so he was not subject to the detox!!
  • Yesterday we celebrated Kirsty’s birthday with a family breakfast at Frankie and Benny’s……JOY.. JOY.. JOY
Vegetarian Scrambler was on the menu.. roasted peppers, mushroom and scrambled eggs on a platter + yes you guessed hot water with a slice of lemon x…. I loved our family get together..making memories
…..I am learning a lot about myself while doing this, and here comes the confession:-
I AM ADDICTED TO SUGAR…there I said it, makes me annoyed with myself that I hadn’t done anything sooner..yes I have dieted before ( too many times to mention) yes I have lost weight but this time would you believe its not about the weight It’s about the healthier me.
I’m half way through now and finding some really nice recipes to try out…I’m enjoying keeping this blog diary…keeps me accountable…focused.
Thanks for all the encouragement and help xx


..taking steps….to a total detox

….I’ve taken more steps since I last wrote…today is day 5 of the 21 day Sugar detox ..

I have written a little diary this week, it has helped focus my brain on the positives as well as an outlet for the negatives..

DSCN0996[1]maybe I should let David add a few words about the negative department  and my bad attitude!!

Day 2

  •   –    I woke up to such a pounding head I thought it was going to explode
  •  +     smoked salmon and scrambled egg breakfast…soooo yummy
  •  + and –    hot water with slice of lemon..i did miss my morning cup of tea
  •  +     the amazing support and encouragement  I received on the blog/FB/texts and e.mails…really helped me take the next steps
  • +      went shopping and organised what I could eat rather than what I couldn’t
  • +      wrote a weeks menu…I included snacks as well because I’m such a snacker  ‘Sandra the Secret  Snacker’…(not to be said 20 x fast because it then sounds really funny!!)
  •  –    must remember to drink more water, really need water to flush out the system.
  •  +    really nice sautéed chicken with ginger/lemon and coriander.
Day 3
  •  –    thought I had got away with the headaches….ohhh no!! must be an indicator of how much sugar and processed food I have been eating.
  •  +   made my self eat breakfast this morning, really glad I did because it really helped with cravings. I had scrambled egg and mushrooms + a juice of spinach, cucumber, pepper and beetroot.
  •  +  had to take my aunt to hospital…really glad I took snack of almonds and drank a lot of water.
  •  –   skin,ears and scalp felt really itchy.
  •  +  my lovely hubby took me out to eat…..I stuck to plan with mixed grill, exchanged steak fry’s for salad and the lovely waitress brought me  hot waters with lemon….would usually had a couple of lattes and glass of red wine.
  •  –  really missed cuppa tonight
  •  + writing this diary is helping
Day 4
  •  +  no headaches………aghhhh.. bliss, to everyone who battles with migraines I am sending you a massive hug x
  •  + breakfast today was a big glass of juice..beetroot with carrot, spinach and pepper
  • –    I should have taken something to work for mid morning munchies ( didn’t follow my own menu plan!!)
  • +   But I did take a salad and opened a can of sardines….
  • +++++ a BIG thank you to Amy for bringing me mixed nuts to snack on in the afternoon…you saved me drooling every time someone took a biscuit from the ‘biscuit tea pot’!!
  •  –   cravings have been the big battle today…I CAN do this…
  •  +  I had made a big pan of Mexican bean soup yesterday and that was soooo good to come home to.
  •  +  thank you again for all the encouragement I have been getting…it really is helping x
Day 5
  •   –  I have to admit that this morning I REALLY WANTED a bacon sandwich, not only that I WANTED as many peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches I could eat before feeling sick…..I know.. I hang my head…you all know now the reason for my treble chins!!
  • +   I didn’t give in, instead I juiced spinach, carrot, pepper, celery, beetroot and cucumber….it DID not taste like bacon or peanut butter but I am happy I didn’t give in.
  •  – I have felt really dizzy today and a bit nauseous but reading what has happened to other people on this detox it seems normal.
  • + Mexican bean soup for lunch and avocado and egg salad
  • + tried hot water with fresh ginger, a nice alternative to the lemon
  • +   I’m no longer feeling like ALL of the seven allergy dwarves – itchy, sneezy, scratchy, stuffy, puffy, drippy and whiny.

….so the next steps today are…to go shopping and top up on lemons, nuts and fish +prepare a nice stir fry for evening meal + a long soak in the bath + catch up on programmes taped this week Doc Martin, Downton Abbey and my podcasts from Saddleback…