…Creating on the Hill…

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them

…Live ‘Inspired’…


…when i open the doors on a  morning on ‘the hill’ i always have the same feeling that I’m going to my second ‘Home’ , when i saw this sign it was perfect to hang on the door

sat 24th may 2

…the kettle goes on and everyone begins to arrive, and we catch up on whats been happening in our lives…this Saturday i got to see friends i hadn’t seen in a little while..

sat 24th may 9

..Val picked up where she left off on her patchwork sewing angel and caught me up to date with news of her adorable grandson Dylan

sat 24th may 10  sat 24th may 1

..Karen picked up her favorite shape..a ‘pumpkin’ ..and created a really cute hanger..she also bought a chocolatey treat for us too..

sat 24th may 11

i think I’ve already told you about Karen and chocolate! They go together like red wine and cheese!

Sat 23.11.13  1

..these two wonderful friends arrived and i have to say the hugs they gave me made me feel so happy, these friends i have known since they were just little artists, they accept me just the way i am..they are true friends..

sat 24th may 7

..Annabel is continuing to work on her journal of quotes

sat 24th may 8

..and Amy was creating in her new journal/sketch book..i like the hair on this drawing

sat 24th may 6

sat 24th may 5

..i really liked their pencil cases and it reminded me of when i was young and how much i loved pencil cases!

sat 24th may 4

..i want one of these!..a funky rubber and sharpener..school supplies are much more fun now

sat 24th may 15

while i was on pinterest i spied these wonderful pencil cases …how much fun would these be to make

sat 24th may 3

Annabel gave me this lovely card and i have made it my quote of the week, I’m going to try and live ‘Inspired’ this week.

It really got me thinking of how it just takes one quote, or one hug to make us feel better…..  i came across these lovely words and  I am  using them in a new journal page I’m working on

One SONG can spark a moment
One FLOWER can wake the dream
One TREE can start a forest
One BIRD can herald spring
One SMILE begins a friendship
One HANDCLASP lifts a soul
One STAR can guide a ship at sea
One WORD can frame the goal
One VOTE can change a nation
One SUNBEAM lights a room
One CANDLE wipes out darkness
One LAUGH will conquer gloom
One STEP must start each journey
One WORD must start a prayer
One HOPE will raise our spirits
One TOUCH can show you care
One VOICE can speak with wisdom
One HEART can know what is true
One LIFE can make a difference.
~ Author Unknown ~

sat 24th may 12

Annabel’s sister Rachel made these very very tasty cookies as a gift, i have been lucky to  taste Rachel’s cookies before and she could definitely open her own cookie company!


we all had a wonderful time on Sunday at

Kirsty’s Texas Tea Party Bridal Shower

…she is going to make a beautiful bride ( I know..I’m biased !)




Author: ...creating on the hill....

The Crafts House is a small studio on top of a "hill"..a place to create..a place to breathe..a time just for you.. I'm the luckiest person to spend my days creating the art that i love..meeting like minded creative friends..sharing time in the palette of life..

9 thoughts on “…Live ‘Inspired’…

  1. Great pencil cases I sooooo want one!!!!


  2. Hi Sandra – My pumpkin is famous! hee hee – thanks for the mention – and yes – guilty as charged over all things chocolate, although I think Nicola brought the brownies in (I took mine home!). Love the girls’ pencil cases – I used to love stationery when I was their age, and still do – there’s some gorgeous stuff out there and even better when you make your own! Great to see Kirsty and her guests enjoying the Texas Tea Party – it looks amazing – especially the place settings, with fine china no less and the cute teeny cacti. I think I have cake-stand envy! Have a great week. K x


  3. Hi Karen, it was a great night, cake stands (apart from 2) are the ‘Nicola Cake Stand Collection’…i want to start collecting now,they looked fab.
    You Have a good week too, it was so lovely to catch up on Saturday x


  4. Hi Sandra, it was soooo lovely to see you on Saturday, we’ve really missed you, and like Rachel said, as we pulled into the street ‘on the hill’, it’s like coming home……and that’s exactly how it is xx


  5. Lovely words x


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