…Creating on the Hill…

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them

…Creating a time to Breathe..


Index Card Journal 3

…one of the MOST IMPORTANT things i need to remind myself of … anytime I sit down to  create, whether it is in my art journal or a new project….is  I need to take the time to breathe and that I  ENJOY the process…

..and that means not comparing my art to someone else.. I love social media, pinterest, instagram like everybody but it can sometimes make me  compare myself to other artists who I have decided are much more talented….that then makes me start to doubt..that then stops me creating…then I’m not breathing…does that make sense?

SOOOOOOOO….in order for me to keep breathing I need to keep creating, i have had a few days off work and I have really enjoyed

  • creating in my latest journal (more about that project this week…)
  • designing new projects for ‘Springtime @ The Crafts House
  • painting orders (normally I procrastinate about this but with my new ‘create-mosphere’….more about that too!)
  • watching our new ‘creative space’ be built (David is creating this  for us both)
  • templates for chunky frame workshop
  • collaborating with David on a mixed media project for a gift

chunkie flowersstring of hearts 7new projects for workshops

large wooden frame...where flowers bloom 3large wooden frame...where flowers bloom 2

templates for chunky frame workshop

project dragon 2

collaborating with David designing a gift..the head,tail and claws are hand cut from steel..part of the neck from oak..I will be showing this project as we work on it

project creative room 2project creative room 3project creative room 1our creative space has cabinets and desk #1…wallpaper has been chosen for walls,cabinets and paintwork will be white and I’m hoping to add fabric curtains to some of the shelves..

washi tape holder

….an organizer for my ever growing Washi tape collection!!

paper storage

…tins for all those papers i can’t resist at paper chase!!

flowers for david 3flowers for david 1

….I love that our house is full of the smell of spring..


..my husband is my one and only…our children are my besties….our home is my breathing space…my faith is my strength..


Author: ...creating on the hill....

The Crafts House is a small studio on top of a "hill"..a place to create..a place to breathe..a time just for you.. I'm the luckiest person to spend my days creating the art that i love..meeting like minded creative friends..sharing time in the palette of life..

2 thoughts on “…Creating a time to Breathe..

  1. Your creative space looks really exciting and am looking forward to seeing you soon perhaps at one of the workshops. Xxxxx Brendie


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