…Creating on the Hill…

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them

…taking steps…


This blog post is more of a personal post, i’m going to be writing more of these ‘taking steps’ posts along with my usual posts of whats happening on ‘the hill’. It will give me a place to  write about things that are close to my Heart,document faith and share… it is part of who i am….this is me..


…by now most of us have been through events in our life that are ‘uncontrollable’…

there is absolutely nothing we could do to stop it..a bit like the runaway train with

no brakes…after things are out of control we tend to do one of two things:-

1) we go into overdrive…filling every last minute with activities/work and events.

2) we are fearful…..scared that the same thing or similar will happen again ..we tend to retreat.

both of these tend to ‘cushion’ us from feeling …


I had a thought …what if we flipped the negative and turned it to a positive….

…what if we let go of the ‘steering wheel’ in life and enjoy those times when we don’t look at the clock and we get lost in a moment..

..i love baking when there’s no dinner to prepare

..i love sitting and doodling in my notebook when i don’t have to draw straight lines

…i love reading new books by trusted authors and i get lost in the pages

…i love wearing leggings and old sweaters and curly hair (‘baggy pants and curly hair days’) when i don’t have to  be dressed up

…i love singing to Bon Jovi at the top of my voice (..it has to be ‘It’s my Life) even though i sing it out of key

…i love creating in my journal until I’m lost in the page and my thoughts are mixed in the paint

Facebook image

..after being lost in a lot of those moments i found my head was clearing…


..i could make decisions

..i could choose my direction


..this has been our decision (‘our’ is me and mine)


Author: ...creating on the hill....

The Crafts House is a small studio on top of a "hill"..a place to create..a place to breathe..a time just for you.. I'm the luckiest person to spend my days creating the art that i love..meeting like minded creative friends..sharing time in the palette of life..

6 thoughts on “…taking steps…

  1. A very true, profound and inspiring blog . Loving getting lost in bon jovi


  2. I am full of awe for you. When dark clouds gather, and they do, I will go back to this post and draw strength. My goodness the world is a better place for having you in it. xxxxx


    • Thank you , i know a couple of people at the moment who are struggling under very dark clouds and find it hard to take a step….i want to let them know I stand beside them,holding their hand…and im cranking up the music and dancing in the paint (now thats a thought for a journal page!!!foot prints!!)
      big hug Sandra

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Sandra – what a lovely post – a hug across cyberspace (thank you for all your hugs). I’m all for singing along with Mr J-B Jovi, and whaddya know – I sing out of key too! Hope you have a great weekend. I’m off work for two weeks so will try and pop in to say hello. K x


  4. Hi Karen, it will be lovely if you get a chance to pop in Sandra


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