…Creating on the Hill…

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them

….taking steps….forward


Its day 17….technically only 4 days left of the 21 Day Sugar Detox..

I am making a plan of what’s next…..

1981 10b Sandra pose 2

I know I can’t go back and be this women!!! She was 21,engaged to be married, weighing in at 8 st 7lbs (oh heck that’s what my thighs weigh now!!)….this women didn’t know what it’s like to be married to her best friend for 33 years, hadn’t found her Faith…hadn’t moved to America

1994 a Group shot Nov

..this women knew the joy of 5 children…knew that God answered prayers..

2001 5k all 7 at Marti's

…this women wasn’t on ‘the hill’…she was on her way back to England2001 6b the Family at Laredo airport


..10 years on ‘the hill’…still smiling

2014 1 18 Jan sandra

…this women still smiles but you can see it in her eyes…


so you can see where I’m at…Planning for the next steps after Day 21…





Author: ...creating on the hill....

The Crafts House is a small studio on top of a "hill"..a place to create..a place to breathe..a time just for you.. I'm the luckiest person to spend my days creating the art that i love..meeting like minded creative friends..sharing time in the palette of life..

13 thoughts on “….taking steps….forward

  1. What a wonderful look back through your years Sandra. You haven’t changed a bit. Here’s to lots of happy new steps too. B x


  2. Hi Bernice, thank you….wish I did look as young as the first picture!! thanks for the encouragement x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely pictures! Really miss the craft house Now I’m thinking of all the Gingerbread men from the hill as its getting closer to christmas! Becky Newton xx


  4. How lovely to hear from you Becky…miss seeing you…come and paint a gingerbread over Christmas..get your friends or mam and sisters together and come and play x


  5. Aww what lovely family pictures Sandra ,thanks for sharing 😀 , your doing great with the detox, we all knew you could do it. I won’t be at the hill on Monday I’ll be at Windermere,hope to see you the week after,take care xxx



  6. What lovely photographs and memories Sandra. You’ve got a new baby joining the family which will be wonderful and I’m sure you’ll achieve whatever you put your mind to. Wishing you nothing but the best xx


  7. Anne xx


  8. Great Photos Sandra – From 1981 to 2014 and everything inbetween and you’re sporting a huge smile in every one! You really, really haven’t changed a bit. Hope the detox is going ok. Karen x


  9. Oh my god how tame was your hair in 1981!!!! Xx


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