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Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them




..I made it to 21 ..and I’m happy….I’m still craving…but I feel soooo much better

So I have decided to keep going…I’m going to rethink the ‘whole food’ thing (pun  intended)

I’m going to try and continue eating foods with no sugar..no preservatives and I’ve made a plan

..this week I’m going to re-introduce:- Baked Potato, natural yogurt, hard cheese, apples…

I have to say my crohns has been a lot better during the detox and for that reason alone I have to keep going.

1962 Sandra Blue dress

This picture is for everyone who thinks I haven’t changed much over the years (you are kind but need to get eyes checked!!) xx



Author: ...creating on the hill....

The Crafts House is a small studio on top of a "hill"..a place to create..a place to breathe..a time just for you.. I'm the luckiest person to spend my days creating the art that i love..meeting like minded creative friends..sharing time in the palette of life..

14 thoughts on “….21…

  1. Hi Lucie, thank you….I certainly don’t look like that now!!


  2. Just looks great and well done

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  3. What a cutie pituty you were and still are!!!! Well done my friend and keep it up!!! I’m so behind you and sooo need some recipes!!! Love you!!! Xx

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  4. You are adorable.
    Congrats on the 21 day detox…Glad to hear you are continuing and feeling better.
    I had to give up gluten, cow milk products, soy among some of the items and I felt better and lost weight but it’s hard.


    • Hi Lynn, thank you…I’m finding shopping is taking ages because I’m spending so much time reading labels!! All my favourite recipes are going to have to be re-jigged…..any advice would be really welcome about eating without gluten and dairy


  5. Brilliant achievement Sandra. Looking forward to seeing the ‘new’ you!


  6. Oh my word – such a cutie! Well one Sandra. You are one of the strongest ladies I am lucky enough to call my friend xxx


  7. Awwww – how cute is little Sandra, and I love the way your turqoise dress matches the side banners of your blog page! Pleased your detox is going well, and that you feel better for it – it can’t be easy with so much temptation in the shops and the “teapot” cookie jar. Keep going – you’re doing great. K x


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