…Creating on the Hill…

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them


..HOME…on a budget


..I love creating new projects and especially when I find creative “goodies” that don’t bust the bank..

b0693293_380x134 th

.. I LOVE finding creative bargains!…The Works and Poundland often have items that can be turned into cute decorative projects with what i already have in my stash ..


Poundland had the vinyl ‘Home’ wall stickers (you guessed it a £1)..The Works had 8×8″ canvas’s on sale and i used an old 8×12″ canvas too (for the letter M as it was wider)



The vinyl wall stickers were available with other words too

DSCN1529[1] DSCN1530[1]

I covered all the canvas’s with flowery napkins using gel medium under and a generous coat over the top

…you have to be gentle while applying the top coat because napkins can tear (remember to separate the 2/3 layers of napkin, you just need the top layer)


..dry the canvas’s thoroughly before moving to the next step


..i then applied a thin coat of chalk paint (or you can use acrylic paint/tester pot paints)

DSCN1536[1] th.jpg 1

..i used a baby wipe to rub back the paint to show the pattern….baby wipes are one of my trusted painting/cleaning tools when creating.. dry canvas’s with hair dryer.


DSCN1534[1] DSCN1537[1]

..cut out the vinyl letters as close to the letter as you can (this gets rid of the border) ..apply a generous layer of gel medium to the canvas ,pull letter away from the backing card and lay on the canvas making sure to center the letter on the canvas. Apply layer of gel medium over the letter to seal to canvas.

DSCN1541[1] DSCN1543[1]

..once everything is dry you can now ink the edges of each canvas and add stamps/doodles/embelishments

I applied some gold ‘rub’ around the edges too….embellishing and doodling is my favorite part ..dots and spots..swirls..lines..flowers


..I’m loving the result…


..Big thank you to my artistic/photographic assistant Karen !! for helping me get the Photos taken..

..she just popped up (or is it down Karen?) to ‘the hill’ for a short while and got roped into helping x

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…’on the hill’…a week in June


….oh how lovely this sight was this week…to have Amy on ‘the hill’..she is having a little break before

she moves into her new home in Nottingham..she will be back for the summer but will be working quite a bit so I treasure the times I have with her…


..this is my prayer for her as she tackles new challenges..love you Amy…my daughters are strong women going through different challenges in their lives..


..why a picture of a table cloth?….because its the new cover on the table on ‘the hill’..its clean and fresh looking and I’m loving it!!


…LOOK what came in the post today…a book of sample card and paper from a supplier…do you think they knew I needed a new challenge for Journaling!!….I was doing a journal jig on the hill when this arrived..be still my beating heart x


..re-loving of very old and broken step ladders…David was a gem and fixed it and added extended steps for my plants..there is a wheel barrow (thanks to Theresa) in the process of being re-loved

Davids birthday 1Davids birthday 2

..talking of David…its his birthday tomorrow..and I made him a mixed media card this year..he loves it when I make his cards and I haven’t made him one in a couple of years so I think hes going to be HAPPY..

Teddy card 1

…talking of happy…a we are learning how to paint Teddy’s on ‘the hill’, on Saturdays class we began with water colour teddies..

Teddy 1

..its a quick and easy method and im loving that you can make a card from the practice sample..Anne and Eileen are having a go in the morning too

baby heart 2baby heart 1

..today was catch up on orders day…baby hearts..

Christening Cross 9christening confirmation cross 2

baptism and confirmation crosses


…im going to try and make these for you know who and me if possible….i’m Mad you say

Yes I’m madly in love with the idea of becoming a Grandma xxxx


…Creating a time to Breathe..

Index Card Journal 3

…one of the MOST IMPORTANT things i need to remind myself of … anytime I sit down to  create, whether it is in my art journal or a new project….is  I need to take the time to breathe and that I  ENJOY the process…

..and that means not comparing my art to someone else.. I love social media, pinterest, instagram like everybody but it can sometimes make me  compare myself to other artists who I have decided are much more talented….that then makes me start to doubt..that then stops me creating…then I’m not breathing…does that make sense?

SOOOOOOOO….in order for me to keep breathing I need to keep creating, i have had a few days off work and I have really enjoyed

  • creating in my latest journal (more about that project this week…)
  • designing new projects for ‘Springtime @ The Crafts House
  • painting orders (normally I procrastinate about this but with my new ‘create-mosphere’….more about that too!)
  • watching our new ‘creative space’ be built (David is creating this  for us both)
  • templates for chunky frame workshop
  • collaborating with David on a mixed media project for a gift

chunkie flowersstring of hearts 7new projects for workshops

large wooden frame...where flowers bloom 3large wooden frame...where flowers bloom 2

templates for chunky frame workshop

project dragon 2

collaborating with David designing a gift..the head,tail and claws are hand cut from steel..part of the neck from oak..I will be showing this project as we work on it

project creative room 2project creative room 3project creative room 1our creative space has cabinets and desk #1…wallpaper has been chosen for walls,cabinets and paintwork will be white and I’m hoping to add fabric curtains to some of the shelves..

washi tape holder

….an organizer for my ever growing Washi tape collection!!

paper storage

…tins for all those papers i can’t resist at paper chase!!

flowers for david 3flowers for david 1

….I love that our house is full of the smell of spring..


..my husband is my one and only…our children are my besties….our home is my breathing space…my faith is my strength..



..we couldn’t have achieved this year without you all, David and I and our family say a BIG THANK YOU for your friendship, support and love..we look forward to a very Creative 2015..

Opening Times for Christmas/New Year

Last Day 2014…..Monday 22nd December 10-4.00pm

Closed fro Christmas and New Year

Re-open 2015……Monday 5th January  10-4.00pm


…Autumn @ The Crafts House..


Our Autumn @ The Crafts House workshops were held in September….a lovely time to create together

…I love this time of year..a burst of orange, yellow and reds….and purple

workshop 2014  17workshop 2014  12

workshop 2014  11

..i wanted  creative Wishes for this workshop…

IMG_0322workshop 2014  14

..one of my wishes was that everyone would have FUN..

workshop 2014  10

…couldn’t have a autumn workshop without pumpkins

workshop 2014  7workshop 2014  6

… chunky owls made an appearance..

workshop 2014  2workshop 2014  1

…a mixed media diary… thought this would make a good gift but think we all might keep them for ourselves!!



Shape of The Month….October

oct 2014 fairy door  3

….Octobers new shape has arrived from the workshop

oct 2014 fairy door  4

…the cutest Fairy Door…

This month we are really lucky to have the shape designed by Theresa


oct 2014 fairy door  1

Theresa is  one of those people who never shouts about what they do but is SO talented

…she has been my go to person so many times when looking for supplies for projects…..

oct 2014 fairy door  2

..the Fairy Doors in the photographs have all been designed by Theresa and some as you can see have been made from natural wood…LOVE them all.

while on the subject of Fairy’s….remember the adventures of Rayna? The stunning fairy with red hair…well she has had an interesting few weeks and seems to have enticed 2 new fairy’s to the ‘hill’


..a young fairy by the name of Luke..


…many happy hours have been spent in the sunshine until..


….a new guy on the block..older,wiser ‘King of the tree Fairies’

Deacon Claybourne..


…her heart was taken..


..i will keep you posted on their adventures …..

(big hug for the creator of these fairy characters Margaret…sister to the fairy door creator Theresa…..i think there’s a theme going on here!)



..Mixed Media Journal Workshop #1..Colour our lives….

colour theory 1 colour theory 2

..its not long now until our Mixed Media Journal classes begin…a lot of fun and lots of Colour

canvas colour theory 5

canvas colour theory 6

i am so looking forward to getting messy and exploring colour with everyone.

Each of the sessions can be booked individually as we will be exploring a new theme each time.

To make things easier I have now included a way to book and make payments for each of the workshop sessions on line.

Mixed Media Art Journaling Workshops Booking and Payment