…Creating on the Hill…

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them


…angels amongst us…

tues 20th may 11

..first thing this morning a trip to the post office to send these orders on their way

..i am a little biased on where i post our orders , i have found a ‘Postie Angel’ working right here

in our village.

tues 20th may 10

this lovely lady has been such a great help with how best to send our business orders, she has suggested the most economical ways and nothing is too much trouble,she is so efficient and always smiles and has something nice to say..hip hip hooray for our ‘Postie Angel’

tues 20th may 6

..an angel paid me a visit on Saturday and gave me these lovely goodies and new journal as a gift for journaling….she knows just what i love..

tues 20th may 5

..goodies to colour and doodle with, this angel made these herself!!

tues 20th may 4

..i couldn’t resist,i opened my new journal and started to colour the background…..i had to leave the page because housework was calling my name and there was not a ‘housework angel’ to be found!….big thank you to my ‘Arty Angel’ for my playtime today, i will post pictures when i have finished the page

tues 20th may 7

..a gift of an angel from the lovely Joanne…….how gorgeous is this Angel!

tues 20th may 8 tues 20th may 9

she is hanging in my window and when the sun shines the heart twinkles…loooooooooove her..thank you Joanne for such a beautiful gift

tues 20th may 3

..I am a big big fan of the artist Kelly Rae Roberts and this is one of her figures that Lauren gave me..a true treasure

tues 20th may 1

…Quilts For Comfort/N.E is a project that i am involved with and as it begins to take flight i look at the message on this angel and wonder if we dare to Dream Big…this project is not so much about money but about the lives it will give comfort to..its not so much about the size of the project but about the love and care that is given..’one stitch at a time’…

…..these are some of the quilts,quilt tops and blocks that have been arriving this week….big thank you to the ‘Sewing Angels’ out there …busy sewing comfort for others…..


…doodle eggs..


..doodling on mini polystyrene eggs..


…the words say it..


..true friends help you through..

That was so true yesterday..thank you for your skill, designing and focus Lucie and Sarah…thank you for your time and help Shelly,June, Anne,Carolyn,Eileen,Libby,Sylvia Alison,Brendie..(please shout if i forgot anyone xx)

.hugs for the amazing Amy,couldn’t do it all without you sweetheart xx