…Creating on the Hill…

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them



coasters 2

..when i came across these coasters in my supermarket..they were perfect for a little bit of loving

my buddie Lucie LOVES beach huts…so this post is dedicated to her

coasters 3

..by adding a layer of gel medium i could begin to work on the coasters, gel medium seals the surface and allows me to add paints, papers as i want to without effecting the surface..also gel medium can be used as a ‘glue’ to add papers.

I added some shading and highlights here and there, some words, stamping and faux stitching…

coasters 1

I then drilled a couple of holes and added a wire hanger

coasters 4

..it’s re-loving at its best…

..this would make an excellent project for a craft fair..

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..a couple of weeks ago Shelly came up with a new word for re-cycling when she was painting a fab wooden sign…she called it ‘re-loving’….and I love the way that sounds..its a new way of looking at projects. I like finding objects/projects and seeing what can be created..

mini house frame 5

..this little picture frame was found at one of our local stores..after choosing a couple of papers

I painted the back and edges of the frame with a coordinating paint (DecoArt Antique Rose)

mini house frame 4

I traced around the house shape and cut out a roof and house shape from the papers

..using a glue stick i attached to frame. Then applied a thin layer of matteĀ  medium(this seals the papers and allows me to add paint)

mini house frame 3

I inked the edges,added stitches with a pen and a couple of embellishments

mini house frame 2

— I cut out a piece of card and doodled a heart that I painted and attached a word, this fitted in where the photo would go

mini house frame 1

I’m loving the ‘re-loving’….thanks Shelly for my new word x