…Creating on the Hill…

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them

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…’on the hill’…a week in June


….oh how lovely this sight was this week…to have Amy on ‘the hill’..she is having a little break before

she moves into her new home in Nottingham..she will be back for the summer but will be working quite a bit so I treasure the times I have with her…


..this is my prayer for her as she tackles new challenges..love you Amy…my daughters are strong women going through different challenges in their lives..


..why a picture of a table cloth?….because its the new cover on the table on ‘the hill’..its clean and fresh looking and I’m loving it!!


…LOOK what came in the post today…a book of sample card and paper from a supplier…do you think they knew I needed a new challenge for Journaling!!….I was doing a journal jig on the hill when this arrived..be still my beating heart x


..re-loving of very old and broken step ladders…David was a gem and fixed it and added extended steps for my plants..there is a wheel barrow (thanks to Theresa) in the process of being re-loved

Davids birthday 1Davids birthday 2

..talking of David…its his birthday tomorrow..and I made him a mixed media card this year..he loves it when I make his cards and I haven’t made him one in a couple of years so I think hes going to be HAPPY..

Teddy card 1

…talking of happy…a we are learning how to paint Teddy’s on ‘the hill’, on Saturdays class we began with water colour teddies..

Teddy 1

..its a quick and easy method and im loving that you can make a card from the practice sample..Anne and Eileen are having a go in the morning too

baby heart 2baby heart 1

..today was catch up on orders day…baby hearts..

Christening Cross 9christening confirmation cross 2

baptism and confirmation crosses


…im going to try and make these for you know who and me if possible….i’m Mad you say

Yes I’m madly in love with the idea of becoming a Grandma xxxx

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….new flowers in the garden…

chunky flowers 1

…i can’t get enough of these chunky flowers…such fun to paint

chunky flowers 7

..i created the blue and pink flowers before i found out i was going to become a ‘Grandma’

….I’m soooooo excited…..now i can paint ‘Grandmas little flowers’

chunky flowers 3

…i loved the patchwork on this custom flower…for a patchwork person..

I haven’t got pictures of the others i have made yet but my ‘garden’ of flowers

is growing!!

0acc9f21305fa38bfb951849332d6066  f3df80a190377619ef69789048c0c0aa

..i’m seeing Daisy’s everywhere right now..you just can’t beat Daisy’s….

Daisy Time

By Marjorie Pickthall

See, the grass is full of stars,
Fallen in their brightness;
Hearts they have of shining gold,
Rays of shining whiteness.
Buttercups have honeyed hearts,
Bees they love the clover,
But I love the daisies’ dance
All the meadow over.
Blow, O blow, you happy winds,
Singing summer’s praises,
Up the field and down the field
A-dancing with the daisies.
…a cute little felt daisy….the link below has a great tutorial
…on my ‘I really want to make this’ list ..a crochet cowboy/girl outfit
..for the ‘Texas’ side of our family..
….I have Hope when I think of this: The Lord’s love never ends;His mercies never stop.
They are new every morning…   Lam.3:21-23

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…a view from ‘the hill’…

PicMonkey Collage 6

..sitting here with my cuppa and dunking my biscuit -( I’m allowing myself 1 a day now I’m back on track with eating and keeping a food diary..a habit i want to establish again because it helped me when i lost weight with Slimming World) 


…. this is my food diary…a pressie from the lovely Lauren x

..I am in the mood to focus, it’s already March and the sun is shining more (I still need my hot water bottle though!)..February was  a good month, lots of creating, painting, family times …but i have also learnt a BIG Life Lesson…well everyone else will no doubt already have learnt it but I’m a really slooooow learner!!

What Life Lesson?……

  • – I can’t control what people ‘think’  ‘do’ or ‘say’
  • -I can’t control what happens in life
  •  BUT
  • I CAN control how I think and feel
  • I CAN control what I do next
  • I CAN control what I say and how i treat people

..my most important lesson is I can control what I Create and that I need to take the time to enjoy every step of the process whether I’m creating in my journal,painting a project..baking cakes or cooking a meal or decorating my home…

talking about ‘cooking a meal’- I’m really into soup making at the moment(cold weather I think influenced this!)

PicMonkey Collage 7

I love all the chopping and preparation and David likes baking bread so in the cold weather it has been easy to have a bowl of soup and slice of bread (I am really trying here to NOT have loads of butter..not easy so i have been using low fat Philly)

It was Stephanie and Callum’s birthday in February,( they were both 23) so we went to their house for a meal and i don’t normally share lots of family pictures but I thought you would like these pictures we took of each other because I see LAUGHING faces


and  looking at these pictures made me jump back to what i was saying before…. I  CAN control what I do and I’m choosing to be as positive and happy as I possibly can be…….yes there are days that I want to be under the duvet and re-group .. but even then I’m taking my journals and doodle bag with me+a pot of tea+my latest book+laptop/pinterest+Netflix+hot water bottle and that 1 biscuit…it’s a big duvet!!

crosses 1   Cat Plaque Personalised 4Princess Grace 4

..I’ve been busy filling orders and creating on ‘the hill’ ..the crosses are really popular at the moment on ‘the hill’ and Notonthehighstreet.com for Baptism’s and Confirmation’s but also can be personalized with an inspirational word or message

…I loved painting ‘Betty’s Boudoir’ as a gift for a lady who was 60 last month

…also Grace had a ‘Frozen’ craft party at the shop… as I can’t ‘copy’ Elsa from Frozen I decided to create a ‘Princess Grace’ that all the little 6 year old girls could paint at the party. A lot of fun (for me too)

PicMonkey Collage 2

this Saturday is the last session of the February Beginners Course -its not really the last because this lovely group have decided to continue creating ( I’m busy putting the finishing touches to their next project)

I have really enjoyed creating with Jean,Emma,Tina,Pauline and Anne….what a lovely group, I much prefer small groups and made a decision this year to keep workshops small so I can take the time to create with everyone..

Talking of Workshops the next one on ‘the hill’ will be

bunny family

Creating with Fabric
…painting and creating on fabric…
Saturday 21st March  1.00-4.00pm
£22 per workshop includes all supplies

…Painting and creating on fabric is another one of my favorites and is much easier than you imagine and the fabric  can be used to create pillows,book covers,bags or frame to make a wall hanging.

Well the pot of tea is finished and i need to stretch my legs before getting back to finishing the wooden picture and frame I’m working on…

14202a785988f59d5e85f958b067f235Just before I sign off Lucie has been blogging about a new project she has designed “Four Season Button Club Whimsical Applique & Stitchery”……she has created a beautiful project and if you jump over to her blog she will be able to let you know all about it

four-seasons-whimsy-spring dscn4167

..these are pictures of a couple of the blocks she posted ….Don’t they make you HAPPY…

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…Shape of The Month..February


Heart Button Love Blocks 1

…a button Heart..perfect shape for February..

Heart Button Love Blocks 3 Heart Button Love Blocks 5

..wooden blocks painted with Creative Painting techniques..

Heart Button Card A lifetime 2

..a mini greeting card using buttons and decorative papers..

frame and card

… mixed media picture using button hearts..

heart button tag 2

..couldn’t resist a mini tag with a button..

heart button display


..these words say it all for me…

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..Creative Painting for Beginners..

PicMonkey Collage 2

..This year I wanted to create a mini course that covered the basics in Creative Painting from.. preparing the wood and applying the base coat…. to adding the details and embellishments..

I chose projects that were fun to create but also practical for your own home or to give as gifts..


Session 1..Wooden Sign with choice of theme..Love,Home,Friend Baby etc

Twiggy Angels 5

Session 2..Wooden Chunky Angel with Mixed media wings


Session 3..Wooden House Key Holder

…Creative Painting for Beginners
Saturday 7th,14th,21st February 1.30-4.30
3 taster Workshops on how to get started with Creative Painting
..step by step techniques…surface preparation…detailing…
£66 cost includes 3 x workshops ,all supplies and 3 wood kits

..e.mail thecraftshouse@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 0191 488508 if you would like to book onto this course



..we couldn’t have achieved this year without you all, David and I and our family say a BIG THANK YOU for your friendship, support and love..we look forward to a very Creative 2015..

Opening Times for Christmas/New Year

Last Day 2014…..Monday 22nd December 10-4.00pm

Closed fro Christmas and New Year

Re-open 2015……Monday 5th January  10-4.00pm

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..Shape of The Month..November/December..

Nov Dec 2014 mitten shape 7

…our shape for November and December has been designed by the talented Alison….it is  a cute mitten button and Alison has created some great samples … another shape that I LOVE.. love.. Love

Nov Dec 2014 mitten shape 2Nov Dec 2014 mitten shape 5

…the buttons have been painted and then covered with UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel)

it gives the button a great enamel surface…loving the tag Alison created too

Nov Dec 2014 mitten shape 6

..are you like me and go dotty for dots?

Nov Dec 2014 mitten shape 3

…ahhhhh mittens on a washing line….

Nov Dec 2014 mitten shape 4

a cute Christmas card with a pair of mittens

Nov Dec 2014 mitten shape 1

I think you will agree with me this shape is FAB xx